Office 365: additional services that you didn’t know about

Office 365 includes not only collaboration tools for any company but also a suite of enterprise-grade cloud services hosted on Microsoft platforms. With Office 365, you will no longer need to deploy and maintain local servers, purchase software and maintain an IT staff.

Furthermore, Office 365 is a platform on which we build custom solutions to solve specific business tasks of our customers.

IP telephony for Office 365

Cloud IP telephony means providing access to uninterrupted cloud-based IP PBX for all Office 365 users. You can use it to connect the phone numbers of all Russian and international operators to an Office 365 subscription. With this service, Skype for Business will become not only a corporate IP PBX but also the core of your unified communications system that enables audio- and videoconference calls without limitations on the number of participants. The solution is designed for both large enterprises and SMBs.

Solution capabilities

  • Calling to mobile and landline numbers all over the world in a single click via Skype for Business or Outlook.
  • Receiving and making calls from a corporate landline number to any device using Skype for Business even out of office.
  • Holding audioconferences and meetings with screen sharing.


  • Replacement of the corporate IP PBX.
  • Maintaining the existing phone numbers.
  • Support of any telecom operator.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Availability of extension numbers.
  • Compatibility with Skype for Business IP phones.

Portal for Office 365 users

This solution is based on LS Intranet Portal and deployed in Office 365. It is designed for medium and large enterprises and holding companies that need a modern e-document workflow system running on a corporate portal that provides bilateral communication for employees in a single digital workspace.

Solution capabilities

  • Effective communication of office and remote employees, news, blogs, and feedback.
  • Increased employee engagement and motivation—tasks are performed promptly thanks to an intuitive interface and a wide range of services.
  • Fruitful collaboration of all corporate departments in a common workspace.


  • Adapted for mobile devices.
  • Flexible design with branding and customization capabilities.
  • User personalization, smart use of social network elements.
  • Gamification.

Data and email backup from Office 365

In Office 365, users are responsible for the protection of their data. When you purchase the email and data backup from Office 365, you will prevent the risks of having users lose their access to Outlook email and calendars, OneDrive for Business files, and automatically archived data.

Here are the common cases when you need Office 365 backup copies:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Inaccurate storage policies or gaps in storage policies
  • Intruders within your company or leaving it
  • External threats (hacking/malware)
  • Power outages

Expert support in Office 365 administration

The service is suitable for both small companies that do not have competences in administrating Office 365, as well as large companies with big IT departments that want to relieve their IT staff from routine.

The support covers a wide range of services: from activating cloud services to managing the client’s corporate email. Several price plans are differing in the number of requests that can be created, response time, and availability of a dedicated specialist.

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