Software and Hardware for Working from Home

Teleworking is growing in scope and finding many applications in various areas. Some companies allow their employees to work from home while providing them with corporate hardware. As a rule, just a few devices are enough to make a convenient workplace. All you need is a desk, a computer, a heads...

A World of Epic Fakes

Live like in a fairy tale but stay vigilant AI does not care whether it does good or evil. It is not going to do anything out of its inherent kindness or maliciousness: there is a human behind every AI action, a human willing to make money, avenge, have fun, satisfy their curiosity, or test so...

Urbanization Marches on: What Changes Await the World of Tomorrow

We live in a unique time. Our generation has witnessed the change of millennia, many people remember the Year 2000 problem, solving which demanded the joint effort of almost the entire IT market. Today we are at the dawn of the 4th Industrial Revolution—a unique phenomenon that will change ...

Softline offers ABBYY an optimal cloud flight plan

Thanks to the SAM Infrastructure Optimization project implemented by Softline, ABBYY has optimized its IT infrastructure and prepared to move to the cloud. Using Microsoft cloud services will allow you to create effective intellectual resources and create comfortable conditions. ABBYY has been...

Localization and Transparency: Kaspersky and Allsoft Ecommerce in Vietnam

Exploring a new market is never easy, and entering the market of non-CIS countries is especially challenging. This journey has many pitfalls that are often difficult to predict. There are many reasons why exploring a new market is so sophisticated: the subtleties of local law, taxation, and langu...

Office 365 for Georgian Water and Power

A leading water supplier Georgian Water and Power, which provides high quality potable water to Tbilisi, launched a new project in 2017 - the modernization of the work environment. Softline Georgia introduced Microsoft Office 365 services at GWP. As a result, a cloud storage and corporate portal ...

Softline Georgia helps bookmaker business migrate to Office 365

Softline Georgia has successfully migrated the infrastructure of Aviator Ltd. (Adjarabet) from Google App to Office 365. The project commenced in February 2020 and was completed on April 29, 2020. Aviator Ltd. (Adjarabet) -  a pioneer of the bookmaker business and market leader in Georgia...

Cybersecurity and the Pandemic: How to Organize Secure Remote Access

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of telecommuting: dozens of employers are transferring employees to home offices. This convenient format reduces the probability of infection, but at the same time, it entails many risks related to information security. Besides, the situation is ...

Good weather and cloudless computing

A brand new approach to software development, delivery, and consumption Over the recent 10 years, we have already become accustomed to clouds, created our public, cloud, and hybrid clouds, and upgraded them several times. Isn't it time for a new technological revolution? How will the infra...

Dynamics 365 in Azure. Big draws for those who are ready for the clouds

Dynamics 365 provides extensive analytics and data management capabilities for sales departments. Today, its cloud version boasts even more capabilities than the on-premise one. The availability of additional online services contributes to the growing popularity of cloud deployments. Microsoft...

The Cloud Journey: How to Create Secure and Affordable Remote Workplaces in the Shortest Terms

The difficult situation in Russia and worldwide has become a true test for businesses. Striving not only to survive but also to maintain the given development vector, the enterprises from all sectors of the economy learn to operate efficiently in new realities. Today I will share with you the exp...

Over 300 YUKON Professionals Improve Quality with Office 365 Services

About company Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is one of the largest developers and manufacturers of observational optics, representing the brands Yukon Advanced Optics, Pulsar and Newton Sport Optics. The company is represented in more than 70 countries: the head office is located in Lithuania...

Softline helps Mercedes-Benz to speed up business processes and improve service quality

About the company "Automobile House "Energia GmbH" LLC is a distributor of Daimler AG in Belarus authorized to represent Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, and Setra brands in the Belarusian market. In addition to car sales, the company provides repair and maintenanc...

BI: Surfing the Waves of Modern Business

Modern business is an ocean of information   Companies face new challenges dictated by the global macroeconomic and political situation. The attention of business leaders is primarily focused on identifying internal reserves for increasing efficiency and continuing active development. ...

Solo on a synthesizer… of speech

A beautiful voice is a rare thing, and its owners consider it a generous gift of nature and a valuable tool. Pleasant tone and educated speech are a marvelous combo, rare luck, and a real superpower when it comes to working with people, especially in sales or public performances. A machine spe...

Digitalization, customer experience, and marketing

Customer experience is a key driver and catalyst in many (if not most) digital transformation projects. User experience and user adoption play the same role in IT projects. Successful application scenarios are the key to the success of the entire project. We know how important customer experie...

Wish List

In this article, we will tell you about several useful novelties that will help busy managers at home and in the office: a helpful reading app, a multi-charger for mobile devices, and an exciting training course. For reading Digital transformation is a subject worthy of learning. It is unli...

Targeted Attacks: a Dangerous Kind of Cybercrime

A targeted attack is a sequence of hacking actions aimed at and tailored for a specific “victim” to steal its money or data. Softline experts note that usually, intruders do it for their profit. They have several variants of monetization: unauthorized access to online banking, encrypt...

What Does Business Need to Learn from Tech Guys?

If you like TV series like IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory, then you are spiritually close to the image of a genius, nerdy, sarcastic, and knowledge-obsessed researcher, geek programmer, mathematician, or scientist—in general, a guy with a sky-high IQ. There are plenty of them among expert ...

Remote work can be productive and secure

Today, people around the world have to change dramatically their working practices and ways to manage teams of colleagues who work remotely. Fortunately, in our time, technology for full-fledged remote work not only exist, but also are also affordable, like never before. Questions with the org...