How to maximize ROI of your digital transformation

Today, by 2020, many companies and organizations have already gone far along their path of digital transformation. Far enough to focus on the real return on investment in these initiatives and transition from pilot or point solutions to scalability at the enterprise level. All of us are waiting f...

Architecting Your Business

The modern enterprise IT architecture, be it cloud-based or local, can be presented as a combination of several different aspects. The first level describes the main business processes of the enterprise in a general sense and defines the key points of the corporate IT strategy. The second leve...

Outsourcing: the Game is Worth the Candle

The purpose of any business is to create new things and make progress. Among the huge number of daily tasks and challenges, there is at least one that is recommended to be delegated to a partner—technical support of the existing IT systems. Vladimir Turlachev, Head of Technical Support and ...

Fear Nothing with Clouds

An apparent trend of the modern market is creating cloud services and delivering them from reliable data centers in full compliance with the fault tolerance and data backup rules. A Product from Russia Softline is a Russian company providing its clients with numerous cloud services. Our ...

Top-Notch Support!

What is the core idea of technical support, outsourcing, IT platform, or system maintenance services in Softline? For us, a signed maintenance agreement is not only a document but also a convincing proof of mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between the customer and the contractor. W...

Managed services and their advantages

If ten years ago the concept of "service-oriented" was related exclusively to the internal architecture of IT systems, today this concept is widely used both in business and in everyday life. Service nature The idea to contain certain services in the format of a service with measu...

VizorLabs Health&Safety: AI is Watching You!

Video surveillance is the key element of security control in manufacturing, logistics, and numerous other industries. It ensures protection from external threats, control over industrial and occupational safety measures, and reduces the incidence of injuries. As many people are inclined to vio...

Multi-Link Virtual WAN site connectivity

According to Gartner, running workloads in the cloud yields large efficiency gains and by 2020 83% of all enterprise workloads are expected to be hosted in the cloud. But many cloud migration projects fail to deliver on the goal of moving the services to the cloud that retain the same level of se...

Outlook into the Future: What Awaits the IT industry in 2020

The unique thing about the digital world is its ever-growing pace of change. On the one hand, that is great: every day, companies and organizations gain access to new tools enabling them to work better and more efficiently. On the other hand, accelerating progress is creating significant challeng...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 for Business Development

It does not matter whether your business is about the sales of goods, production, or services: the customer is always a key link, which determines the company’s profit. CRM systems are developed to improve contact with customers by optimizing and automating business processes. Such solution...

Smart Video Surveillance Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Video surveillance is a must-have to ensure facility security in manufacturing, logistics, and many other industries. Not only does it protect against external threats, but it also monitors the implementation of occupational health and safety measures and prevents injuries. Unfortunately, peopl...

Traditional Purchase, Leasing, or HaaS?

Sooner or later, every company has to face the need to purchase new IT equipment. Sometimes it is the first purchase for a startup, other times it is a routine equipment change-out once in several years. And every time it is not only about deciding what, and in what quantity, one needs to buy, bu...

Vocamate Robotic Call Centers

At the time when the quality of service in call centers of some companies falls due to congestion, others use bots that allow reducing communication costs and acquire more loyal customers by a factor of 20. Personal IT Vocamate interactive is a service for voice and text communication robo...

Neuronets and machine learning mechanisms in process automation

The concept of fully electronic interaction gives businesses new competitive advantages: routine operations are handled by artificial intelligence, smart search understands natural language, and chat bots simplify access to corporate information. We will talk about intelligent tools DIRECTUM, usi...

SBI Bank Uses ISOC to Protect Customer Data

The Bank has been connected to a new information security monitoring system, which will provide comprehensive data protection while increasing the number of retail and corporate clients. SBI Bank has been connected to the ISOC (Security Operation Center), part of Softline Group. The existing m...

CSP and SPLA: Short Microsoft Licensing Menu

The Microsoft CSP and SPLA partner licensing programs are designed to address current business challenges and help: purchase licenses for a group of companies or offer licensing services to customers   switch to a monthly pay-per-use plan with post-payment and without fixed payments ...

The True Value of Managed Services

The word “service-oriented” related to the internal architecture of IT systems ten years ago, today is widely used both in business and in everyday life. The idea to package certain role or work in a ‘service’ with certain characteristics and measurable indicators of the q...

CRM for Everyone!

Microsoft CRM, what is it? Microsoft Customer Relationship Management System is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution improves the efficiency of your organization by optimizing business processes in sales, marketing, and service departments, enabling you to focus on building and maintai...

Business Automation Using Voice and Chat Bots

In IT environment of a modern company, a special attention is paid to ensuring easy data use between application and data availability to customers via different communication channels. As the result of development of speech recognition and synthesis technologies, intelligent voice and chat bots ...

Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is a platform for creating applications—bots that automate business processes or increase their efficiency. Their common application areas include human resources, finance, IT, and business. Nowadays, smartphones or other mobile devices are used to solve many task...