Targeted Attacks: a Dangerous Kind of Cybercrime

A targeted attack is a sequence of hacking actions aimed at and tailored for a specific “victim” to steal its money or data. Softline experts note that usually, intruders do it for their profit. They have several variants of monetization: unauthorized access to online banking, encrypt...

What Does Business Need to Learn from Tech Guys?

If you like TV series like IT Crowd or The Big Bang Theory, then you are spiritually close to the image of a genius, nerdy, sarcastic, and knowledge-obsessed researcher, geek programmer, mathematician, or scientist—in general, a guy with a sky-high IQ. There are plenty of them among expert ...

Remote work can be productive and secure

Today, people around the world have to change dramatically their working practices and ways to manage teams of colleagues who work remotely. Fortunately, in our time, technology for full-fledged remote work not only exist, but also are also affordable, like never before. Questions with the org...

Zyfra and Softline explore Industry 4.0

Softline cooperates with Zyfra Group—one of the most advanced vendors in the world of Industry 4.0:  the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, self-driving transport. Zyfra creates software that helps enterprises from 22 countries solve the problems of monitoring, ana...

Softline Digital Platform: Self-Service Subscription and Payment Management

Softline has developed and deployed its own Active Platform-based solution for working with subscription and cloud services in 15 countries. With this tool, customers can manage current subscriptions to products and services of several vendors, purchase new subscriptions from the catalog, manage ...

Synergy Effect

Website is a showcase of every company, and web applications and web portal offer the critical functions and competitive edges. How did it all start 10–15 years ago, most corporate websites acted as “business cards.” They were written in HTML and displayed static informati...

UEBA Systems, or How to Expose a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Back in the 19th century, Nathan Rothschild made an oracular utterance: "He Who Owns Information Owns the World." Now his words are as true and relevant as never before. With the right information, you can make incredible profits, raise your business to new heights, become the first in ...

Geoanalytics: a Tool for Efficient Business Management

Positioning the points of sale or branches in the locations most convenient for customers is vital for retailers and catering companies, financial institutions, and service providers. Another important thing they need is analyzing the locations of their competitors' branches. Geoanalytics all...

Deep Transformation

When done in a right way, digital transformation can reinvent any business process and significantly improve it. Unsurprisingly, providers of professional digital transformation services thrive, helping their clients embark on the digital transformation journey. But the paradox is that they somet...

Can IT be recovered?

Enterprise-level data security and recovery is a must-have for digital transformation success. The scale of corporate digital transformation projects are becoming impressive. Such technologies as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Customer 360, Insurtec, not to mention the multicloud IT arc...

How to maximize ROI of your digital transformation

Today, by 2020, many companies and organizations have already gone far along their path of digital transformation. Far enough to focus on the real return on investment in these initiatives and transition from pilot or point solutions to scalability at the enterprise level. All of us are waiting f...

Architecting Your Business

The modern enterprise IT architecture, be it cloud-based or local, can be presented as a combination of several different aspects. The first level describes the main business processes of the enterprise in a general sense and defines the key points of the corporate IT strategy. The second leve...

Outsourcing: the Game is Worth the Candle

The purpose of any business is to create new things and make progress. Among the huge number of daily tasks and challenges, there is at least one that is recommended to be delegated to a partner—technical support of the existing IT systems. Vladimir Turlachev, Head of Technical Support and ...

Fear Nothing with Clouds

An apparent trend of the modern market is creating cloud services and delivering them from reliable data centers in full compliance with the fault tolerance and data backup rules. A Product from Russia Softline is a Russian company providing its clients with numerous cloud services. Our ...

Top-Notch Support!

What is the core idea of technical support, outsourcing, IT platform, or system maintenance services in Softline? For us, a signed maintenance agreement is not only a document but also a convincing proof of mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between the customer and the contractor. W...

Managed services and their advantages

If ten years ago the concept of "service-oriented" was related exclusively to the internal architecture of IT systems, today this concept is widely used both in business and in everyday life. Service nature The idea to contain certain services in the format of a service with measu...

VizorLabs Health&Safety: AI is Watching You!

Video surveillance is the key element of security control in manufacturing, logistics, and numerous other industries. It ensures protection from external threats, control over industrial and occupational safety measures, and reduces the incidence of injuries. As many people are inclined to vio...

Multi-Link Virtual WAN site connectivity

According to Gartner, running workloads in the cloud yields large efficiency gains and by 2020 83% of all enterprise workloads are expected to be hosted in the cloud. But many cloud migration projects fail to deliver on the goal of moving the services to the cloud that retain the same level of se...

Outlook into the Future: What Awaits the IT industry in 2020

The unique thing about the digital world is its ever-growing pace of change. On the one hand, that is great: every day, companies and organizations gain access to new tools enabling them to work better and more efficiently. On the other hand, accelerating progress is creating significant challeng...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 for Business Development

It does not matter whether your business is about the sales of goods, production, or services: the customer is always a key link, which determines the company’s profit. CRM systems are developed to improve contact with customers by optimizing and automating business processes. Such solution...